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Folks We Care About: Kelly Reaburn

Kelly Moves to a Different Department!!

News about the PNE this summer was showing that they just experienced the hottest summer yet, as it did not rain at all during the fair. Kelly did not mind this at all as he was on the grounds collecting the garbage and emptying the garbage bins.

Kelly just completed his second year at the PNE and he enjoyed his duties of cleaning the grounds and collecting the garbage. This position was within a different department from last year when he was cleaning washrooms. At the beginning of the summer, he made it clear that he did not want to clean the washrooms again, so he asked the appropriate people to change departments.

As a result of speaking out, he successfully got a new position of walking the grounds cleaning up people’s mess and emptying garbage cans. He enjoys it much more!

Kelly is a positive example of working together with your employer in figuring out what position works best for both him and PNE. As a staff, you do have a voice to speak up if the position is not right for you, and thus, you can do a better job with your position.  It is important to find a position that will highlight your gifts and talents.

Each of us has a voice and you need to ask! It is important to be confident in your abilities so that you can ask to seek a position which will be good for you!

Way to go Kelly… and keep working hard!!