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Folks We Care About: Lindsay Hong

Tables at the Food Court in the Airport are a lot Cleaner…

When you are heading on your travels, make sure you stop in to the food court to say hi to Lindsay! She is one of the newest employees of Carillion which is the company that provides all the integrated support services at the YVR Airport. It looks after all the cleaning services at the airport.

Lindsay is happy in her new role at the airport. She works at the food court in the international departure hall where she cleans tables, straightens the tables and chairs, and dumps the food garbage in their appropriate disposal bins – plastic, recyclable, organics, or trash. She greets people with a smile and answers any questions they may have. When the food court is busy, she stands behind the counter and collects the trays to organize the garbage. When it is not so busy, she sweeps the floors, cleans the tables and straighten the chairs.

Lindsay and the Operations Manager, John, worked together to find the best position that is suited for her. She started working with cleaning a certain area of the airport but her direct manager noticed a number of challenges. This was discussed and it was agreed between her and her supervisor that Lindsay would try out the food court. The employer initiated flexibility and open-mindedness in finding the right fit for Lindsay. As a result, Lindsay enjoys this new position – less stressful and a real opportunity to highlight her gifts and skills.

Carillion wants to develop a diverse and inclusive workforce, and thus makes the effort to work with people to ensure the right fit. Currently, Lindsay works 8 am – 4 pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. She loves the environment where they celebrate each employee and the many festivities. When asked what is her favourite part of the job, she loves working with people and seeing people throughout the airport.

Congratulations Lindsay and keep up the good work!