Good Working Relationship with Ready, Willing, and Able

Ready, Willing, and Able (RWA) is a national campaign is to increase the employment rate of people with intellectual disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) by engaging employers and raising awareness about the value of hiring people with disabilities. RWA works with employers to increase their knowledge and confidence to foster an inclusive workforce.

Many employers still have a fear in hiring people with disabilities. But research and experience have shown that an inclusive workplace drives innovation, providing distinct economic and social advantages to businesses of all sizes and industries. RWA Works is a free resource hub, available on demand, providing the know-how and resources to support businesses in hiring employees with an intellectual disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

RWA also works with employers in the championing of the hiring of people with intellectual disabilities or ASD, in a peer-to-peer model. Employers listen to each other and see what works with one another, thus have a desire to follow along. Thus, RWA is engaging many other employers with the assistance of inclusive employers through local employer networks, service clubs and professional associations.

Funded by the Government of Canada’s Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities and active in 20 communities across the country, RWA is a national partnership initiative of the Canadian Association for Community Living and Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorders Alliance and their member organizations.

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Spectrum Society for Community Living is a very strong member of the RWA initiative.

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