Health and Safety Committee Nominations 2012

The Health and Safety Committee is accepting nominations for those who would like to join the committee. If you or someone you know would like to be nominated, please notify Naomi or Rachel in Human Resources at

Below are some responsibilities of an H&S Committee member:

–          Meet once per month
–          Improve safety within the organization
–          Educate about safety within the organization
–          Review safety issues
–          Provide feedback on safety issues
–          Represent employees within safety related issues
–          Review of incidents (WorkSafe claims)
–          Review Unsafe Working Conditions reports
–          Provide awareness to people regarding safety issues

Health and Safety members will review any WorkSafe claims within Spectrum; if you happen to have a WorkSafe claim please be aware one of our members will be following up on the incident. One of the main goals of the H&S Committee is to ensure that the same WorkSafe claim does not happen to someone else. We review the incident, come up with recommendations and then follow up with the Program Managers as a way of decreasing the chance that the same incident will happen again.

Every H&S member will receive training throughout their time on the committee as part of guidelines for an Occupational Health and Safety team.  Some of the training provided in the past has been on topics such as:

–          Preventing Musculoskeletal Injury
–          Infection Control in the Community
–          Violence in High Risk Communities
–          Accident Investigation
–          Claims Injury Management
–          Injury Prevention
–          Risk Assessment
–          Young/New Worker Orientation

For more information on the committee, you can check out the Health and Safety Committee webpage.

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