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How do You Find Information about an Employer?

How do you Find out Information about an Employer?

Written by:  Karen Lai, Employment Connector

You finally receive an email from the employer saying that they want to do an interview with you! You are so excited! But there is so much you can do between that call and the interview, to assist you in preparing for it as you want to be top notch!

Here are a few ideas you can do to help you prepare:

  1. Look up the employer

   Use the computer to look up the company’s website and spend time reading about the company, especially the mission and vision statements.  It will help you understand the company and if it is the right fit for you. You may want to look at the committees they have, the products, and their services, etc.  You can get a feeling about the work environment from looking at their website!

  1. Interview people

Do you know anyone that is part of the company/organization? Maybe they are a part of the staff team, a board member, or goes there to shop?  This is a great way to find out more about your future employer. Take them out for coffee and ask them some questions as to why they enjoy working with them, and what they do through the day.

  1. Go to the location

  Feel free to head to the location. If it’s a store, go in the store to check it out and make yourself comfortable with the products they sell and what they offer. Employers like talking to people when they know their products and what they do.

   Employers really like it and appreciate it when they meet people that are well informed about their company or organization. It will show them how interested you are in working with them and that you made an effort to understand their company.   It helps you get on the right track!