Information on Voting in the 2015 Federal Election

Make sure your voice is heard!


People First Canada’s president, Kory Earle, encourages everyone to get out and vote saying:

I want to especially encourage people with intellectual disabilities to vote. It is our right and we should use it. Many advocates who came before us worked hard to make sure that right was protected in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

But I also want to do more than that. I want to encourage people to be aware of what is happening in their communities. I want people to find out who their candidates are and what they stand for. I want people to be informed and involved and to use their voice and their vote this October.

I encourage you to get ready, get registered, and get your voice heard in October.

Elections Canada has a great website that:

  • allows you to see if you are registered to vote
  • lists identification requirements to vote
  • lists advance polling dates

The Canadian Association for Community Living has developed a summary of the key issues that are important to People with Disabilities and their families – Inclusion Matters.

All Candidates’ Meetings give you an opportunity to hear directly from candidates why they think they are the best choice to represent you in Ottawa.  Getting a chance to say hi and shake their hand can be helpful in deciding who you want to vote for.

Upcoming Meetings: (send us any meetings you hear about and we’ll add them to this list)

Additional Resources:  


(send us links to any resources you have found helpful and we’ll add them)

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