Interagency Social Media for Social Good Training and Creating Vibrant Learning Opportunities

We’ve had a couple of exciting meetings at which various organizations were represented and have booked Lee Anne Ragan of Rock, Paper, Scissors to come in for two days of training in social media, and then follow up with two days of “train the trainer” training.   The basic gist of these days will be that we’ll all get caught up to speed on who we might use various kinds of social media, and then we’ll learn in the second part about how we can best download these ideas to our teams and get our organizations, families and self advocates involved.   The conversations have been a really fun way to come together, and also a way to address the need for the population we care about to be citizens in a growing online community.   We don’t want anyone to be left behind, and our folks have particular vulnerabilities in this, as well as important gifts to share with the world.

You can read more about Lee Anne’s masterful training here.   The curriculum our training is based on is described in this blog posting, and in the links found there but our days together will focus on addressing the common needs in our field within a small group of up to 16 participants which at this point represent half a dozen organizations.   Self advocates are welcome participants  and we’ve designed things to include up to four.

The four days together are geared towards these outcomes:

– We will all learn about various kinds of social media and get to focus on mastering those that work for our organizations.

– We will learn more about taking our movement online and supporting each other to contribute and share our gifts and strengths.

– At the end of the second day we will be led by Lee Anne in a conversation about how to best work together, and about how we might think about creating a communication plan together, as well as incorporating social media into the communication plans of each of our organizations.

– During the third and fourth days of training we’ll learn how to create and deliver exciting, interesting, fun training programs that will encourage our folks, families, staff and supporters to be more involved in our online presences.

Lee Anne asked us to fill out some questions about how to make the training the best possible experience, and I’ve uploaded that here.   Feel free to take a look!   Who We are and What This Is About For Lee Anne  You can also see a great video of Lee Anne on “transforming workplace learning” here.

This is an amazing opportunity to come together in a way that’s fun, interactive and which I suspect will be transformational.   There is still room for a few participants.   Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll get back to you with the details about costs for participating, etc..

The training is June 13 and 15th (Social Media) and 27 and 28th (Training for Trainers), from 9:30 – 4:30 with about an hour at the end for individual conversations with Lee Anne about particular questions.   Training will be at the British Columbia Association for Community Living, 227 6th Street, New Westminster BC V3L 3A5, Tel: 604-777-9100 (for information or directions, not about this course).


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