It’s Been Quite a Ride… It’s been A Slice…

Word might have gotten out by my fellow colleagues or other individuals that my employment contract with Spectrum Society for Community Living is ending and my last day will be January 22nd! Apologies if you haven’t heard it from me personally, but I have made my way slowly let people know of this change. Employment will be still an important aspect of Spectrum, but it will be a part of Emma Grenkie and Breannah Nicolson’s role at Spectrum.

Their email contacts are and      

Please feel free to connect with either of them for any employment assistance.  It’s been three years of my contract work with Spectrum as an employment connector – connecting people with possible work or volunteer opportunities, preparing people for interviews, attending employment events around the Lower Mainland, attending job fairs, having conversations with employers and prospective employers, and working with people to accomplish their employment goals. I am not afraid to challenge people outside their comfort zone, or to facilitate those uncomfortable conversations if it is at the success of the individual.

I have learned many things from each person and hope that I have been able to shed some light on each one of you. Employment is a tricky thing… as we all need patience to find the right fit for the person. In my personal opinion, paid employment is not for everyone, and this is fine.  But everyone does have value to bring to the table and contribute, no matter what role we hold in society.

Thank you for the laughs, joys, stories, frustrations, and the successes! It’s been a slice…


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