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Staff Access

Jayson Talibis

Jayson joined the Spectrum family in September 2010. A team, consisting of a roommate and 1:1 staff was created to support Jayson and in November he moved into his own home in Surrey. The support of CBI continued and has been a valuable resource for Jayson and his team as he settled into his new home environment. His family is welcomed and included in the team.

Spectrum invited Jayson’s parents to attend a seminar they hosted with Dr. David Pitonyak, entitled, “Beyond Behaviours – Supporting Competence, Confidence and Well-being” last year in September and were included in a two day Mandt training session in March of this year (Mandt is Spectrum’s choice of a methodology for non-violent crisis intervention training as it focuses on team-based shared strengths building and communication) providing them with new skills and new understanding about positive ways to support their son.

In the few months Jayson has been with Spectrum the difference is amazing. The openness to communication and the involvement of the family is valued. There is a log in the home that family can read and they know and are involved with what is happening in their sons’ life. Nenita said, “Everyone working with Jayson knows what is going on and this is major. The least amount of people involved coupled with a high degree of consistency and predictability is necessary to effectively support our son. “

Jayson has moved forward from always being angry and bored to a man who needs to change his schedule to accommodate his busy lifestyle. He allowed staff to rework his schedule which was another milestone. He is on public transit, sky train four times each week; he has a paying job and a significant increase in language. Nenita says, “His problem is still there but he is no longer in crisis but it is still there in potential, enough time has not elapsed. The environment is stable and if something were to change all would be lost. It is scary, they are helping me and my family and my son. He no longer goes in an ambulance up to 3 times a week, no longer requires lengthy hospitalizations. Now we are repairing damages, weaning Jayson off unnecessary medications which ironically contributed to his behaviours and created health concerns in the first place.”
Nenita says, “There will be no more changes or moves for our son in the foreseeable future. Finally after 14 residential moves over 7 years, countless ambulance trips, hospitalizations, psychotropic medications, staff changes and years of hardship our son now has a quality of life that he is directing and enjoying. 2006 was the last time he rode the sky train as he was having difficulties boarding and unloading. He now takes the sky train 4 times a week. It is very much a case of if its working don’t change it.

Nenita added “The care provided by Spectrum honours the individual. Services are tailor- made to support the needs of the individual. Family is valued and their participation in their loved one’s life is encouraged.”