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One Week at a Time

One Week at a Time

It’s been just over a month since we started sending these updates.  Such a short time since we went from business as usual to a whole new reality.  It’s hard to believe how much has changed, and how things continue to change by the hour.  The anxiety of not knowing what’s coming next and how we’re going to cope has been overwhelming at times.  How long will this last?  How do we prepare for the weeks and months ahead?  When will life get back to normal?  These questions are on our minds as they are all of yours.

Spectrum’s leaders are working every day to stay one step ahead of this crisis, working closely with CLBC, the health authorities and our partners at other agencies to coordinate our efforts and share information and resources.  We’re looking ahead to what will be needed 3-6 months from now to ensure the stability and continuity of our services beyond the immediate crisis.  There’s no procedure manual for something like this, it’s unlike anything we’ve experienced in the past and hopefully it’s something we’ll never have to go through again.  But here we are, “in the thick of it” as Dr. Bonnie Henry says in her daily briefings.

“One week at a time” is what we’re encouraging our teams to focus on.  What do people need to make this week successful?  Are there enough staff to fill all the shifts, do staff have the training they need, are the expectations clear?  Do people have enough supplies, enough groceries, petty cash, access to needed health care supports?  Is everyone doing ok?  These are the questions we’re asking our leaders every day.  We’re checking in constantly, making sure people feel safe and supported, and trying to keep everyone up to date on the latest developments.

As we round off week four and head into the long weekend, we want to pause for a moment and reflect on some of the positive things that are happening.  There is much to be thankful for.  The people we support, and the staff and caregivers supporting them, are staying safe and healthy.  Our teams have taken up Dr. Henry’s call to stay home and practice physical distancing.  It hasn’t been easy, especially with the weather warming up and everyone wanting to be outside.  It’s taken great discipline to follow all the new rules but everyone at Spectrum is doing their part, in the most helpful and hopeful way, and we are so grateful to all of you.  Staff who have been displaced from their usual shifts are helping with grocery shopping and deliveries; others are finding creative ways to help people stay connected to their family and friends using technology.  We are staying calm and carrying on.

We’ve made many changes to staff schedules to reduce the overlap between homes and these changes have impacted about a third of all our staff.  This has been a huge amount of work, but everyone has been so accommodating, knowing these changes will help keep people safe.  Thank you to all the staff who have adjusted their work schedules, and to our front line supervisors for managing these changes.  Today is payroll day, so we know many of you will be working late to enter all of the updated shifts, and we know Ernie and our HR / Payroll team will be working into the weekend to make sure everyone gets paid for all the right hours next week.  Thank you all!

It’s been another successful week.  We invite everyone to join us in celebrating our successes as we work through this challenging time, together.  One week at a time.