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Provincial Government Changes Asset Limits for People on Disability Assistance

Beginning Dec. 1, 2015, the amount of assets that people receiving disability assistance may hold without losing eligibility for assistance will rise to $100,000 for an individual with the Persons with Disabilities (PWD) designation, and $200,000 for a couple where both have PWD designation. Currently, the asset limits are $5,000 and $10,000 respectively.

And for the first time in B.C., persons with disabilities will be able to receive cash gifts with no effect on their eligibility for assistance. Under current policy, people receiving income and disability assistance can only receive one-time gifts without affecting their eligibility.

Link to Government Announcement

Al Etmanski, president, Planned Advocacy Lifetime Network (PLAN) says:

For the first time ever, a government is acknowledging that people with disabilities are economic citizens. This spells a profound shift from welfare to well-being. This opens the door for people with disabilities to become masters of their own destiny – something they’ve desired for a long time. For their parents and those who love them, it also spells peace of mind.

Asset limit increase welcome, raise in rates urgently needed – Inclusion BC: BC is well documented as being one of the most expensive provinces in Canada to live in and yet continues to have one of the lowest disability benefit rates. At a rate of $906/month for an individual, the gap between what PWD recipients need and what they receive is growing, and will continue to grow, unless BC changes the way it assists individuals and families with disabilities. Read more at:

Community Update from the Disability Alliance of BC: DABC believes this change represents a very positive and significant change to the way in which the Province provides disability assistance to British Columbians with disabilities. It will give people with disabilities who receive assistance more flexibility, choice, dignity, and hope for the future. DABC congratulates and thanks the Province for making this innovative change. Read more at: