Resume: A Snapshot About You!

Resume: A Snapshot About You!
Written by Karen Lai, Employment Connector

I am often asked, “what is a resume?” and I often tell people that it is how you describe yourself on paper”!! A resume is often the first piece of paper that potential employers receive about you when you want to apply for the job opportunity! So some people spend time to carefully write their resume as they want to make sure that it represents them well and gives a good first impression.

Some people design different resumes to fit the specific job opportunity! Usually resumes lets people know their objective as to why they are applying for the position, their past work experiences, their community involvement, their interests, and their education. Some people include their references, and others just say on their resume “available upon request” so employers won’t call them for every opportunity that you apply. The reasons for the different areas on your resume are as follows:

1. Objective – this lets employers know the reason that you are applying for the job opportunity and whether it is a good fit or not
2. Work Experience – this lets the employer know that your past experiences meets with the job opportunity
3. Education – this lets the employer know what your background is so it gives some context as to your experience as it relates to the job
4. Interests – this lets the employers know what you enjoy for fun and that you are well-rounded person

You can include areas like social activities, languages, skills and strengths – whatever you think that will distinguish you from other applications! You want to make your resume strong!

References are an important component of the resume as they are two to three people that can demonstrate what a good worker you are and how well you will do the job. You don’t have to list the people, as you can only say “Available upon request”, but you always have to let these people know about the positions that you have recently applied. You have to pick people that can validate about your work ethic and work performance. They will complement on what an excellent job you do!

A resume is the first piece of document that the employer sees about the potential candidate. It should be written in a way that makes the employer want to follow up on the person and ask for them to come in for an interview. It is basically a summary of who you are and why you are the perfect fit for the job!

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