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Self-Advocate Net – Stories

Self-Advocate Net is an on-line community for the voice of Self Advocate leaders across BC.

It is a place to have a voice, break down stereotypes and encourage positive change in our communities.

Change starts with sharing what is important to you!

Self Advocate Net publishes 8 new stories per month. We pay $100 for each story selected.

We are looking for 250-350 word stories with a strong message about:

  • Examples of inclusion and being a full citizen in your community
  • Rights and having Choice and Control in your life
  • What Self Advocacy means to you
  • Ways you or your Self Advocacy group are leaders in your community

If we approve more than 8 stories in any given month.

We will let the author(s) know their story will be held and published the following month.

Each Author can have a maximum of 4 stories per year published.

You can have other stories published for free (not paid) if you are at your limit.

Priority will be given to those who have not yet been published on Self Advocate Net.

Need to send your story idea to this page in order to be notified.

If your story idea is approved for publication, we will email you. Also to send a photo to go with your story.

**Please note we only support stories from Self-Advocates who live in British Columbia, Canada.

Link to website: