Shirlane Colban: my surprising birthday

“I am happy to say I just celebrated my 40 years young birthday. The celebration started the day before my birthday on March 14. When I woke in the morning my overnight bag was packed and by the door?? Was there a surprise?? I had breakfast and Handy Dart arrived. I had no idea where I was going. After a crazy ride we ended up in the West End and entered a hotel. When we got to the room I was very surprised to see my best friend and her daughter open the door. I was so happy to see them! The four of us spent the day walking around, mostly in the rain, but we had fun anyway. About 6pm another surprise when a few friends arrived at the door. We ordered pizzas and had a fun evening. I spent the night with my friend and her daughter. In the morning my staff arrived and we went to see the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. It was very wet!! We went home to my apartment after and my Mum, Dad and Brother, his wife and my nephew were there. More friends came by and we shared a very delicious cake with lots of candles (there was smoke when I blew them out) while I opened a bunch of presents. What a great surprise turning 40 was.”

Shirlane has a great new website for her work:

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