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Strategic Plan 2021 – Goal 1 – Active Engagement in Community

Spectrum’s new strategic plan provides us with direction for the next three years and identifies our priorities for training and support.  Each week for the next five weeks we will review one of the goals of the strategic plan. For each of these goals, we will set yearly action plans and review our progress at the end of the year.

Goal One Active Engagement

From our strategic plan research, a number of priorities were identified and we identified this goal as the first priority for two reasons:

  1. It is focused on the supports we provide to everyone served by Spectrum.  We recognize that quality of life is enhanced when people have opportunities to contribute to community in active and meaningful ways.
  2. It will be especially helpful as we come out of the pandemic and the health restrictions that have limited people’s community activities.

The initiatives under this goal work to promote active engagement as individuals re-connect to community post- COVID. It includes the design and delivery of training, mentorship and steps to embed active engagement practices into all areas of Spectrum. This initiative also includes a review of the organization’s employment services.