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Happy Easter!  

Thank you, Jeriah!

When the Covid-19 crisis first emerged in BC, Spectrum manager Jeriah Newman jumped into action.  Jeriah started gathering up supplies and producing large batches of hand sanitizer, using the recipe provided by the World Health Organization.  He shared this with his colleagues at Spectrum and the homes he works at.  As word spread, Jeriah ramped up production and to date he has made 314 bottles of hand sanitizer and expanded his offering to include 80 disinfectant sprays (Isopropyl).  Many of us at Spectrum, and the people we support, have been using Jeriah’s homemade products and we are very grateful!

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Jeriah has also been helping us to source protective equipment including masks.  He has enlisted his family’s help, including his grandmother who made and donated 50 cloth masks!

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Jeriah also reached out to the Dollar Store up the street from the Spectrum office, and they offered to help too.  Sonya from the Dollar Store has been sewing cuffs onto lab coats that we’re using as an alternative to isolation gowns.  The store donated some spray bottles and gloves in exchange for some of Jeriah’s hand sanitizer.