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Happy Easter!  

Thank you, Jeriah!

When the Covid-19 crisis first emerged in BC, Spectrum manager Jeriah Newman jumped into action.  Jeriah started gathering up supplies and producing large batches of hand sanitizer, using the recipe provided by the World Health Organization.  He shared this with his colleagues at Spectrum and the homes he works at.  As word spread, Jeriah ramped up production and to date he has made 314 bottles of hand sanitizer and expanded his offering to include 80 disinfectant sprays (Isopropyl).  Many of us at Spectrum, and the people we support, have been using Jeriah’s homemade products and we are very grateful!

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Jeriah has also been helping us to source protective equipment including masks.  He has enlisted his family’s help, including his grandmother who made and donated 50 cloth masks!

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Jeriah also reached out to the Dollar Store up the street from the Spectrum office, and they offered to help too.  Sonya from the Dollar Store has been sewing cuffs onto lab coats that we’re using as an alternative to isolation gowns.  The store donated some spray bottles and gloves in exchange for some of Jeriah’s hand sanitizer.

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On behalf of all of us at Spectrum, thank you to Jeriah, his family and the community connections he’s fostered, for all that you’re doing to keep everyone at Spectrum safe.

Four Things to do During a Pandemic to Enhance Sense of Community and Personal Well-being

By John Lord

In recent months, I have had to stay mostly in my home due to an illness. As I reflect on this experience, along with my research on belonging and social isolation, I believe there are four things we can do during the pandemic to enhance our sense of community and personal well-being.

  1. We can embrace the solitude.
  2. We can strengthen our ties with others.
  3. We can simplify our lives.
  4. We can reach out to our neighbours, especially those who are vulnerable. 

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Dealing with Anxiety

Dr. Bonnie Henry mentioned anxiety yesterday in her press conference, and her concern about ensuring people have resources to respond to anxiety.  She listed these two:

  1. Anxiety Canada has resources specifically focused on the concerns raised by COVID-19:

  • Talking to kids about Covid-19
  • Proven strategies for dealing with anxiety
  • What to do if you are worried or anxious about Covid-19
  1. Bounce Back BC

BounceBack® is a free skill-building program designed to help adults and youth 15+ manage low mood, mild to moderate depression, anxiety, stress or worry. Delivered online or over the phone with a coach, you will get access to tools that will support you on your path to mental wellness.

Employees and Home Share Providers also have access to our Family Assistance Plans that give you online resources and access to a counsellor for you or your family members.  Let us know if you need help accessing these resources.

Self-Care Tips – Day 7

To-Do: Take some time to move your body today – at least 5 times, for a min of 1 minute each time! The movement can be as simple as stretching at your desk, busting out some squats or lunges, or it can be more fun and lively like putting on a favourite song and having a one-minute dance party (this is my personal favourite!).

This is particularly important during periods where we may be less active than we normally are. Brainstorm a list of different movement activities you can do at home (or in your yard).

Why? Exercise (and movement more broadly) is one of the best natural mood enhancers and has been scientifically proven to elevate our emotional state. When we’re active, our body releases endorphins and serotonin (hormones that contribute to happiness and well-being) and reduces our cortisol levels (the hormone related to stress).

A healthy body is a happy mind!

You can sign up for the daily tips here:


Employee Assistance Program EAP

If you are currently enrolled in our employee group benefits, you are eligible to receive support from the EAP.

Information on our new EAP is available at:
or by phone at 1-855-544-7722

What can you get help with?

Parenting and Child Care
Older Adults
Midlife & Retirement
Financial and Legal Issues
Work Issues
Health & Wellness
Emotional Well-Being

For more information and to access the program, please contact Human Resources at

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