The Joy of Work

By Karen Lai, Employment Connector

“Tis the season. ..”, we are right in the midst of the season where we celebrate the festivities of the season with plenty of food and family! And what a perfect time to discuss about joy than during this time!

What brings you great joy when you do your work? Some people point out so many   things whether it is the environment, the job itself, the colleagues, the commute, the feeling of participating in the community, or the money I receive. It can be so many things that causes people to work. Some people spend so much time at work, so they want to have a job where they enjoy and love the environment along with their colleagues.

There is the intrinsic motivation of work. Some people like meeting new people, helping one another, taking care of animals, or it makes me feel awesome by contributing to the community.

When I hear from people that says that “I absolutely love my job”, it gives me great joy! I am aware of the importance of being employed, it gives people a purpose to be a part of their community and thus they can meet people and others can meet them. Also, they are surrounded by their fellow colleagues so people have the opportunity to meet new friends and to participate in the work culture.

Many work places host different opportunities that encourages employees to get involved whether its celebrating birthdays, having monthly potlucks, having costume days, or having a volunteer day with some organization.  Companies know that employees spend a lot of time at work, so they want to create a culture where people have fun and meet new friends.

When people receive joy from their work, it is absolutely a gift! May you continue to experience.

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