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The Need for Holidays

I had the pleasure of taking a week off work and disconnecting from the world – no ability to return phone calls, check emails, or connect to any type of social media. It was
rejuvenating, exciting, and refreshing!  And thus, I am encouraging others to do the same… take a holiday. You are working so hard and every now and then, you need a break! It’s good for you and good for the soul!

Some of you have been working hard for over a year, and haven’t had the opportunity to take a holiday or don’t know that you could take a holiday. Every person needs a holiday to get away from work or just to rest. It doesn’t need to be a long holiday or you don’t have to go anywhere, but just don’t go to work.   

Here are some benefits of taking a holiday:

  1. You’ll Reset Yourself Mentally:
    1. Taking one day, one week, or two weeks off will help you to reset yourself and make it easier for you to head back to work. It will help you have a fresh new outlook on work and life.
  2. .You’ll be more Productive when you return to work.
    1. Removing yourself from work will provide you with a whole new perspective and more energy to put more effort into work.
  3. You’ll have a better work/life balance:
    1. There are other things in your life and it is important to pay attention to the other things in your life. Work is not everything and it is crucial that you take time for your hobbies and interests.

Taking a holiday is definitely good for the soul. Your work will always be there, so take the opportunity to enjoy the other things in life.