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The Sniper by Dallas Stager aka The Underdog


The Sniper
by Dallas Stager aka The Underdog

1. (Chorus A)
I’m the Sniper
That goalie won’t last
I’m the Sniper
I’ll get the puck right past
When you call me
Hocker shooter won’t do
I’m mister underdog sniper
How do yah do?

2. (Verse A)
I’m a Coast Salish warrior,
Born in September
If you don’t remember
I like to be busy
Some say I’m really hyper
But when I play sports
They call me the sniper

3. (Chorus B)

4. (Verse B)
I play soccer and 5 pin bowling
All these sports
You’ll see that ball rolling
I’m the fastest on the track
Won’t see this boy falling
I’m the underdog sniper
When I hear them calling

5. (Chorus C)

6. (Verse C)
Throw your hat on the floor
Before you head out the door
I’m the sniper with a hat trick
That you can’t ignore
When I get the puck
I’m ready to score
When I play hockey
I play hard core

7. (Chorus D)

Dallas is a Special Olympics athlete, a First Nations self advocate, a great friend to many and we are proud to have him as a board member of Spectrum Society.