Welcome to our New Website!

This website is the result of a year of strategic planning and a year of branding, where we drilled down to our core messages and developed key themes that outline what we intend to do at Spectrum.

When we first meet people, we allow them to Express Themselves, identifying their interests, preferences, strengths and the key family and friends in their lives. Our supports focus on assisting people to Build their Networks through preferred activities, neighbourhood connections and family and friends.  As people develop their interests, networks and the story of a good life in community, they Find Their Voice, and are able to tell the world about their ambitions and what contributions they would like to make.

The website is divided into three main areas, based on who is visiting:

  • Individuals and Families visit our site to find out more about our services, what is happening with Spectrum and for resources and links to assist with having a good life in the community.
  • Join Our Team – provides information for prospective and existing employees, contractors and volunteers on opportunities, training, policies and procedures.
  • Books and Workshops provides information on books published by Spectrum Press and workshops presented by Spectrum.

We have been moving over all the most recent content: news, events, job postings and newsletters and will begin using the new website for all new information effective January 3, 2012.





Our old website still exists at http://spechome.sharevision.ca so if you think of something that you valued on the old site and would like to see on the new site, drop us a line and we’ll do our best to add it to the new site.


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