What’s an Informational Interview ?

What’s an Informational Interview ?

 By: Karen Lai, Employment Connector

So you know that company or organization that you really want to work for? How are you going to connect with them? An informational interview is the answer! An informational interview is a conversation between an organization or company who will give you information and advice. It is an effective tool to use if you want additional information or some advice. It is not for a job interview, or have the objective of the meeting is to achieve a job opportunity at the end of it!   

Karen will be more than happy to support you as you would have to reach out either by phone or emailing the location. Here are some steps to follow to help you obtain an informational interview:

  1. Do some digging around into the company/ organization – look at their website and see if it’s a place that you really want to work for – here are some questions you may want to ask yourself:

    a. Do you agree with the vision and mission of the company/ organization?

    b. Do you like the location of it?

    c. Is the company/organization in a growth phase? How is the annual report?

    d. Do you agree with how is it operated?

  2. Locate the appropriate person to have a meeting within the organization/ company
  3. Phone/email the person to introduce yourself

“ Hello, my name is __________________. I am just entering into the job market and getting a feel of the different areas. I was looking at your website and your __________________, ________________, and ________________ (different areas) really appeal to me. I am wondering if I can have a meeting with you to find out further information about your job and company.


  1. Set up a time to meet and you usually go to their office
  2. Determine some questions to ask and do some further research about the company/ organization
  3. If you wish, you can practice the informational interview with Karen Lai
  4. Ensure that you get their business card to keep in touch – they may have other contacts for you to get in touch with
  5. Follow up with a thank you email/note and keep in touch – you never know when there is an opportunity that is perfect for you.


An informational interview is the beginning of networking – knowing people to eventually achieve a job opportunity. Keep in touch with them, invite them out for coffee, pass them your resume, or ask them for any connections. You never know what will end up with this simple connection!  

For support in this, please contact Karen Lai at 604.889-7961 or karen.lai@spectrumsociety.org

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