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Why are Resumes Important?

Why are Resumes Important?

Thinking about writing a resume? It’s an important first step on the path to employment  and also is a valuable measure of your achievements. Whether you are looking to write your first resume or update an old one, Spectrum Employment is here to support you.

Resumes are important because they show a potential employer your strengths and applies them to the workplace. Don’t worry! If you do not have any previous employment experience, you can show employers your strengths through volunteerism, sport teams, or community involvement.

Once you have an outline for your resume, you can begin to think about who your work network is. These are people who can tell potential employers about your strengths by e-mail, letter, or phone! Thinking about who you have worked with before will help you to discover who can be your reference and help you get hired for your dream job.

We would be happy to support you to create or update your resume! If you would like to chat with us, please e-mail us at or call us at (604)-323-1433 ext. 234.

Look out for our upcoming Resume Writing Workshop – coming soon!