Wow Is It Ever Hot!

August 4, 2017

Environment Canada has issued a special weather alert for this area of the province as temperatures over the next few days are expected to hit record highs. This is a reminder that during extreme heat it is important to take extra precaution to prevent heat-related illness, particularly for those who may be more vulnerable to these conditions such as the elderly, people on certain medications and those with respiratory conditions.

We hope that everyone takes the time to ensure that the people you are supporting and your coworkers understand how to avoid overheating and that they need to stay in the shade, drink plenty of fluids and wear lighter clothing and take care to do things like closing drapes during the daytime to block the sun and opening windows and using fans to promote a cross breeze in the rooms. As well, share information with each other about the cool places you have found in your neighbourhood.  Where do they have air conditioning? Which parks have shade and fountains?

For more information on weather warnings for your area please visit Environment Canada’s public weather alert site at:

For more information on how to prevent heat related illness please visit the health link BC website at:

Please talk to your supervisor or the office if you have questions or need any assistance.




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