Your feedback on Future Training

As part of the Policy and Procedures Survey in October, we asked about your suggestions for future training.  Here are some of the results as a word cloud:

Approximately 50% of the suggestions were focused on support strategies for the work we do with individuals.  Examples include: Aging, Positive Support Strategies, Augmentative Communication, Using Technology, Assisted Decision-Making.

40% of suggestions focused on improved teamwork.  Suggestions included communication skills, conflict resolution, leadership development and planning.

5% of the suggestions focused on community development with requests for training on reconciliation, community living sector updates, and government relations.

5% of the suggestions focused on wellness with ideas such as stress management and work-life balance.

Thanks again for all your input.  If you have more suggestions you can talk to your manager or send them to .  There is more information on rest of the survey results on the Policy and Procedures Committee Website.

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