Can we have expectations at work?

Can we have expectations at Work?

Karen Lai, Employment Connector

A new job comes with a job description which is a written list of tasks that needs to be completed over a period of time. It basically tells the person what they are hired to do.

Such items on the list may be

• Empty the new products and arrange them out on the shelves
• Ensure that the store is clean and organized making it easier for the customers to          locate products
• Organize the files in our back room
• Coordinate the lunch time meetings for staff and partners once a month
• Attend to any general administration details that we may have on a weekly basis

By having a job description, it gives the candidate a focus on what the duties and the purpose of the job. It also helps the person applying for the job to know what they are applying for, whether it meets their skills, abilities, and personality. The person can also use the job description to find out more about the organization or the company through looking at their website. It may also help the person prepare for the interview and to know what to expect from the position.

As well, the person must have a job description as to what she/he is looking for within a job. A person tends to always have certain requirements as to what they want to see in their job. Such things as accessible to transit, cleaning and organization, afternoon shifts only, part time, or very busy environment. These are all the requirements that a job position must be for the person to apply for it. It may not be written down, but it may be voiced at the time at reviewing a job description.

It is important for both job descriptions to meet together in order for everything to work out well. As both the company is looking for the “right” person, as is the person is looking for the “right” environment to contribute back to their community.  

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