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Grace Lin review by The Next Chapter Book Club

The Next Chapter Book Club has just finished its latest book Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, by author and illustrator Grace Lin. It tells the story of Minli and her quest to Never Ending Mountain. She wants to get an answer to the question of how she can help her village be well off. So she leaves her poor village and her parents determined to find the Old Man on the Moon. He is the one who has the answers to all questions. The story is set in ancient China. On her quest Minli meets many different people. Dragon, who cannot fly, goes with Minli on her journey.

There are many Chinese folk tales in the book as well. The book is not only about Minli’s journey but about finding happiness, friendship, caring about someone other than your self and being kind to others.

Some of our favourite parts include when Minli encounters greedy monkeys in a peach forest; when Minli walks across the red cord bridge to meet the Old Man on the Moon; when Minli removes the very large pearl from Dragon’s head so he can fly; and when Minli finally gets back home to her parents and her village is able to grow more food.

We think the book is well written. The author Grace Lin is also a very talented artist. In the book there are lots of pictures and each chapter starts with an image using a paper cut design. We rated it as a very good book, a real page turner! We would read other books written by Grace Lin. We would recommend it to anyone who is interested in quests, folktales, China, action and travel adventures.

To celebrate finishing the book we told our own stories; and in the Fall we are going to learn how to draw Chinese letters and words.

Our next book is very different! Its called All Shook Up by Shelley Pearsall. It is about an Elvis impersonator; so stay tuned for our next book review – “hunk-a, hunk-a burning love”.