Policy Committee Update

Our policy committee has struggled due to our dispersed services across the Lower Mainland.  We talked at the last meeting about doing more information sharing with all employees, including surveys to gather feedback.

Health Benefits: 

We have just received our renewal information for benefits coverages including Health, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance and Long Term Disability.  There are significant increases proposed for some of the benefits so we are working with our Broker to identify some options for us to consider.  We should have more detailed information and a survey ready for next Friday.  Watch your email and give your feedback on what the priorities should be for our benefits coverages.

Policy and Procedure Changes:

We also have a number of proposals for policy changes to improve clarity and consistency and flexibility (all at the same time!) These will also be presented for your consideration in an upcoming bulletin.  If you have ideas for policy improvements, please let us know.  You can talk to your supervisor or email me at ernie@spectrumsociety.org.

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