Shirlane Colban: How I met my friend Marion

I met my good friend Marion in the elevator. We both lived in the same apartment building and always saw Jayson each other cheap mlb jerseys in the elevator but only said “hi”. One day I decided I wanted to know her outside of the elevator. I didn’t know what to say but wholesale nfl jerseys thought I would ask her if she liked pancakes. Who doesn’t like pancakes? She said yes so I my invited her to my apartment the next Saturday to have a pancake brunch. When she arrived I found out she likes coffee OUR as much as I do so we had a cup of coffee, with chocolate, first; and then made sweet la potato pancakes which Marion had never heard about before. We put applesauce and brown sugar on top. Yummy!!

Marion and I share a love of cats, coffee with chocolate, pancakes made from various ingredients To and unusual toppings, and lots of Olgun other things. Since we met eight years ago we have invited other people in wholesale jerseys the wholesale mlb jerseys building who we thought might enjoy creative pancakes to our brunches. It’s so much fun having a group of friends in the building where we live. We get together for lunch, coffee, picnics and parties. In the winter we enjoy board games, pizza and movie nights, or just visiting with each other. It feels like a family but everyone has their own suite. Now that’s sweet…like applesauce and brown sugar on pancakes.

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