Survey for Families and the Family Members Living with Them at Home


Survey for Families and the Family
Members Living with Them at Home


This survey aims to better understand how family caregivers and the adult family members living with them  (who qualify for Community Living BC support)  are managing during COVID-19. We would like to learn more about changes in your supports due to COVID-19 and what would help you to stay well and carry-on in the coming months.

The following organizations have partnered with the following organizations to develop and distribute the survey:

The survey should take 10-20 minutes to complete. It is anonymous, and safeguards are in place to ensure your privacy. Family Support Institute of BC and Partner Organizations will be looking at results altogether to determine what next steps can be taken to help you and your family to stay well and carry on over the coming months.

If you support more than one family member at home who qualifies for Community Living BC supports, you may wish to complete separate surveys for each family member.


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*The Survey is open from September 2-9, 2020.
Results will be communicated in the Fall.


If you:

  • have questions about this survey
  • need help completing this survey
  • would like to do the survey by phone
  • would like to speak with someone about a need you have

 Please contact any of the Partner Organizations at:  

  • BC Aboriginal Network on Disability Society: 1-888-815 -5511
  • Community Living BC: 1-877-660-2522
  • Family Support Institute: 1-800-441-5403
  • Inclusion BC: 1-844-488-4321
  • Vela Canada: 604-575-2588

Thank you for taking time from your busy day to complete this survey. Your input it valuable and will help make a difference.

At the end of the survey, you will be offered the option to fill out the survey again for another student.

Your input on your family’s experiences with education during the pandemic is critical to our organizations so that we may provide decision-makers with up to date information and evidence to inform actions and accountability.


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