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The Spectrum Office will be closed on Friday, April 15th for the Good Friday holiday.


Details of the upcoming Vancouver Police Department Personal Safety and Awareness Fair on April 2nd, 2022 are included in the following poster.   Please click the link below.


VPD Personal Safety and Awareness Fair


Supporting individuals and families as
B.C. eases COVID-19 restrictions


Dear self advocates and family members –On March 10, Dr. Bonnie Henry, our provincial health officer, announced the removal of the order requiring people to wear masks indoors. She said we can do this because so many people in B.C. have gotten their COVID-19 vaccinations. We know as well that the number of COVID-19 cases is dropping and people will be able to resume some in-person social connections and community activities. Here is Dr. Henry’s announcement.

This is welcome news after two years of sacrifices that have been difficult on everyone’s physical and mental health.

We know many individuals and families are thinking through how to adjust their lives during this time. Wearing of masks will no longer be an order, but people can continue to do so and are encouraged to do so on public transit and BC Ferries. Organizations and service providers can also continue to require staff, individuals, families, and visitors to wear masks in their services.

Because many people we serve are more vulnerable to severe illness from COVID-19 than other people in B.C., we have recently told our service providers that it is reasonable for them to continue mask requirements and safety precautions for the coming months. But we have also asked them to take advantage of this time to support individuals to resume in person social connections and activities where they can do so in safe ways. You can see our message to service providers here.

Here are things to think about and help you decide how to adjust:

1. Think about your personal risks

Every person will have different levels of risk. Many of you are very strong and healthy and ready to be more active. Others have health conditions that mean you may get sicker if you catch COVID-19. If you are unsure of your risk, talk to your doctor and support networks to help you understand your risk levels and the things you can start to do again, and how to do them safely. Also consider the level of risk of your family members. If they are getting older and have some health concerns you will want to take extra precautions to protect their health.

2. Think about things that help your physical and mental health

With the number of COVID-19 cases lower than before, and if you have had all your vaccinations, now is the time to find safe ways to do more things that are important to your physical and mental well being.

In some cases, you may be able to see people again in person, and do so in safe ways outside, or in smaller groups, and practising distancing. You can still wear a mask, and everyone should still practice washing their hands and respiratory hygiene, which protect you from catching colds, the flu and COVID-19.

3. Think about what will give you comfort and confidence

Everyone also will have different levels of comfort when resuming activities. It is important for everyone to listen to each other’s preferences and respect them. People who are more cautious must be supported. While many people may decide they are comfortable no longer wearing masks, it is your right to choose to continue to wear a mask, and your support networks will help make sure your friends and community understand and respect your choices.

4. What to do when you or someone else feels unwell

One of the things this pandemic has taught us is that when we feel unwell we should not be in close contact with others. If you are feeling sick, even if it isn’t COVID-19, do your best to keep your distance and focus on getting well. Agencies are also encouraging their staff that are ill to be off work until they are well. In this way they won’t spread their illness with individuals or other support staff.

Let’s remember that we can begin to think about these things due to the protections that have come from people being vaccinated. Being vaccinated remains the best form of personal protection from serious COVID-19 and offers protection for ourselves and others.

CLBC is grateful for all the steps individuals and families have taken over the past two years to take care of themselves and others. While this next stage is not without challenges, it is an opportunity for us all to begin to reclaim things we had to forgo to remain safe. In all our efforts, let’s remember to be easy on ourselves and kind to each other.

CLBC will hold its next COVID-19 update call for individuals and families on Tuesday, April 19, from 1-2 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time to answer your questions with deputy provincial health officer Dr. Daniele Behn Smith. We will send out an invitation with registration information soon.


Ross Chilton
CEO, Community Living BC

Covid-19 Updates – March 10, 2022 – BC’s Next Steps in Lifting Restrictions

Effective March 11, 2022, at 12:01 a.m., the following changes will be made to public health orders:

  • Face coverings order: Face coverings will be optional for people in all indoor public settings. People may want to continue wearing a mask based on personal choice.
    • Individual businesses and organizations can choose to continue to require mask wearing on their premises.
  • Gatherings and events for faith gatherings: The requirement of faith communities to restrict attendance based on vaccination status is no longer required.
  • Indoor common area mask requirements for employees as part of the Workplace Safety Order will no longer be required. Employers may choose to continue to require wearing masks for operational reasons or in certain settings.
  • Overnight camps for children and youth order requirements: COVID-19 safety plans are no longer required to be submitted to a medical health officer for overnight camps.
  • Masks are encouraged on public transit and BC Ferries but are no longer required under public health order.

In addition, effective April 8, 2022, at 12:01 a.m., the following changes will also be made to public health orders:

  • Showing the BC Vaccine Card proof of vaccination to access non-essential events, services and businesses will no longer be required.
    • Individual businesses and organizations can choose to continue to require the BC Vaccine Card proof on their premises.
  • The remainder of the Workplace Safety Order will be lifted, which means businesses will transition back to communicable disease plans to reduce risk of all communicable disease.
  • The requirement for students residing in residence to be fully vaccinated under the Post-secondary Institution Housing COVID-19 Preventative Measures Order will be repealed.

Vaccinations remain the primary layer of protection that has limited severe health outcomes from COVID-19. As of March 10, 2022, 93.3% (4,322,690) of eligible people 12 and older in B.C. have received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, 90.7% (4,204,895) received their second dose and 55.7% (2,580,562) have received a third dose.

Here is a link to the full announcement.

Rapid tests for people 60+ at pharmacies (50+ starting next week)

Starting March 7, 2022, rapid antigen test kits will be available through community pharmacies to people aged 60 and older.

Eligible individuals can pick up one kit containing five tests every 28 days from participating pharmacies at no cost. Individuals must present their personal health number when picking up the kit or, if others are picking up kits on their behalf, in addition to the individual’s name and personal health number, date of birth must also be supplied.

Individuals should pick up a test kit when they are asymptomatic to use at a future time when they have symptoms. Guidelines for testing continue to indicate tests should be used for symptomatic individuals.

Learn More:

For more information on the government’s distribution of rapid tests:

For information on rapid antigen testing for COVID-19:

For information on when to get a COVID-19 test at a collection centre:

On understanding your test result:

For instructions on what to do if you test positive:

How these Announcements affect Spectrum’s Services

The changes announced today will mainly affect the way people experience community activities.  Masks are not mandated in community settings such as grocery stores and restaurants anymore, but the operator may continue to require the use of masks.  Watch for signs at the front door before you enter.

Spectrum staff will still be required to be vaccinated, will be required to wear masks when indoors, and visitors and staff at the office will be required to wear masks while moving around the office.

People who want to continue safety precautions for their health and the health of their community should be comfortable continuing to wear masks when they go shopping, use transit and visit restaurants.  We have a large supply of KN95 masks from the Red Cross that are available for pickup at the office.  We are also receiving kits of 5 rapid tests that can be given to staff, individuals and families to use at home.  These have arrived and an order can be placed through your Manager.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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What do you do if you or someone you’ve worked with has been injured?

All Spectrum employees are covered by WorkSafe BC. Employees who sustain an injury while performing their daily work are eligible to receive compensation from WorkSafe BC. For all accidents (whether time loss occurs or not) a Workers’ Report of injury form must be completed and returned to the immediate supervisor who will forward the form to Human Resources for processing, or the employee can return the completed form directly to Human Resources. Claims submitted into WorkSafe BC must be reported within three (3) days.

Policy 9(d):

Injury/Accident Report forms can be found on our Spectrum website under Human Resources, left hand menu “Forms” or you can email and one will be emailed to you.

Reporting Helps Us To learn, grow and improve together

Accidents happen and one of the main purposes of our accident/injury reporting is to collaborate with WorkSafe BC, our teams and employees to ensure that any employee who is injured receives the proper medical care and support they may need. Our reporting process also provides an opportunity to assess our workplaces for potential hazards so we can continue to improve and determine preventative measures to mitigate future risks. Think of reporting your injury as an opportunity to help yourself and your team.

Why it is important to report an incident, even if you are feeling okay?

Even if you feel ok, there is an obligation to report potential risks or hazards to your supervisor and HR. It’s good news that you’re ok but the next person might not have that same experience. We want to ensure that we are aware of and reviewing any potential risks of injury in your places of work. We have an obligation to ensure the well-being of all employees and review and investigate any potential hazards. Please keep us informed and assist us with keeping you and our teams safe!

Most importantly remember to Take care of yourself.

Employees who take care of themselves and their own needs will be better prepared to care for others on the job.

For example:

  • Don’t accept more work than you can handle.
  • Recognize signs of stress and take the necessary steps to alleviate stress in your life.
  • Let your supervisor know if you need assistance with something.
  • Don’t place yourself or others at risk by taking on more than you are prepared for.

Enjoy your work! If you don’t, then be honest with yourself and your supervisor about it. You may need a break.

If you have any Health & Safety related questions, please email

Be Safe. Be Calm. Be Kind 😊

What is happening in Vancouver in March?

Vancouver Events in March

Click on the link below to see whats happening:


If you have a friend, family member or meet someone in the community that is interested in joining the team and you refer them to Spectrum, you could be eligible for a referral bonus!

If the person referred is hired and maintains at least 9 months of consistent employment with Spectrum, we will award a $50 Referral Bonus.

*for more information on the program, please email

We thank you for bringing us quality applicants/employees!


RISE Community Groups and Workshops

For info or to register:

  • Email
  • Call Collingwood Neighbourhood House at 604-435-0323
  • Or ask a RISE Staff member

Spots are limited.  Registration required.

Please click these links below for further details:

Rise Groups

RISE Spring 2021 Workshops Info


ᐈ Earthquakes stock cliparts, Royalty Free seismic images | download on Depositphotos®

It is a great time to review the contents of emergency medical and earthquake kits in your home. 

Are your water and food rations currently dated? Other items like glow sticks and batteries have expiry dates. It’s a good time to make sure everything is up to date.

Did you use some of the medical supplies during the year?  Now is a great time to order replacement items.  Please note that WCB First Aid Kits are required in all of the homes that are staffed.

Have there been changes in the number of people residing in your home?  Do you need more or less supplies?

Have any of the people you live with changed their diets over the past year? Do you need to change the dietary foods in their earthquake kits?

If you need help with restocking your emergency medical and earthquake supplies please feel free to contact Judy Smith at for assistance.

It is a good time to review all safety procedures in the home; making sure that exit routes are clear of debris, including accessing risk factors (for example, moving items on shelves that could fall and moving heavy items to bottom shelves instead of top shelves). Are all staff are familiar with where emergency care items are stored?  Please review the following information from our policy manual with the staff and individuals you support. Include staff to join on skype or zoom if you cannot meet in person so everyone is familiar with this process.


When you have completed your Earthquake Drill please record this information on Sharevision.


First Aid Work Stock Illustrations – 2,297 First Aid Work Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime

How to Register for First Aid:

We recommend obtaining and/or renewing your First Aid through St. John’s Ambulance with the Emergency First Aid Community Care course. If there is another course offered by a different provider, please contact Human Resources prior to enrolling to determine if it is equivalent and meets the basic requirements.

To obtain/renew through St John’s Ambulance, please call (604) 321-7242

If an employee does not have a valid first aid certificate upon hire, the fee to obtain or renew certification is the responsibility of the employee. Future renewal fees for active employees are covered by Spectrum.

  • If you are renewing your first aid, ask St. John Ambulance to invoice Spectrum Society
  • Let them know Spectrum Society will be paying for your course fee.

*St. John Ambulance may request authorization from Spectrum. Email with the date/location you want to complete the course and we will call them to confirm your registration.

First Aid is a requirement for employment as indicated in ‘Policy 4: Requirements for Employment. Below is a link to Spectrum’s First Aid policy:

For employees renewing their first aid, please ensure St. John’s Ambulance (SJA) includes the CPR pocket mask with your first aid registration. If the CPR pocket mask is not included with your registration fee, SJA requires attendees pay for this on the day of course completion; you can save your receipt and submit it to Human Resources for reimbursement.  

Please email your certificate of course completion to to have your file updated.

Please let Judy know if you have any questions or issues registering, by emailing