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Team News – September 7, 2018

WorkSafeBC Home

Ergonomics Forum

Date: October 11, 2018Time: 12:30PM – 4:30PMLocation: WorkSafeBC auditorium, 6951 Westminster Highway, Richmond, BC (Map it)

In recognition of Ergonomics Month, WorkSafeBC is hosting our third annual Ergonomics Forum. You’re invited to join us for an afternoon of presentations and networking.


MSI assessment tools
See practical examples from a variety of industries and professions on how to identify, assess, and reduce risk factors to ensure a safe, healthy, and productive workplace.

Office ergonomics
Learn how you can begin to assess your chair, keyboard, mouse, and monitor to ensure they are properly adjusted, to help reduce your risk of injury and increase your productivity.

Mobile office/vehicle ergonomics
Through hands-on demonstrations, you’ll see creative, practical, and safe ways to set up a mobile office. You’ll also learn how to improve your posture whether you’re in a car, hotel room, or coffee shop.

Innovative solutions
See how safety by design integrates ergonomics into the design process. You’ll see examples of unique and innovative solutions to workplace issues from students in KPU’s Wilson School of Design.

Opportunities for ergonomics/human factors
Learn how SFU co-op and practicum ergonomic students connected research and learning with the practical realities of workplaces. You’ll also hear about potential opportunities for employers to connect with SFU to guide the future education of ergonomic students.

Fatigue risk management
A fatigue risk management system (FRMS) is a risk-based planned and systematic approach that identifies, assesses, monitors, and manages the risks associated with fatigue. Learn how it should be customized to operations, based on a risk assessment, and integrated into an existing safety management system.


This event is free, but you must register online to attend. If you have any questions about the event, please email

Agenda and speakers

See the agenda for more information, including speakers and presentation details.


Apart from spots designated for people with a disability parking permit, parking is not available at WorkSafeBC for this event. Pay parking is available at nearby locations.


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LifeWorks Features for September

Recharging and Building Resilience

Pressure and stress, work worries and other difficulties – all can wear down resiliency.  Whatever challenges you may face as a manager, resilience can help you stay focused and productive, happier and healthier, and strong during times of challenge and change.

See our manager feature, Recharging and Building Resilience (live on the platform’s homepage in “Featured Articles,” September 1 to 30) for helpful tips on how to effectively manage stressors by building your personal resilience and that of your team.  Or log in to the platform any time to access resources to help you take care of yourself and the people you manage:

  • Building Your Personal Resilience as a Manager
  • Building Individual and Team Resilience After a Disaster or Traumatic Event (podcast)
  • Your Role as a leader in Building Team Resilience

To learn more about ways to build your resilience and support your team members, contact LifeWorks, any time 24/7.  We’re here for you with confidential guidance and expert advice.

Coping with Worries and Building Resilience

Global polls show that people’s top worried are about money, work, safety, and health.  Whatever your worries, you can learn to build your resilience, a set of skills that will help you cope well with life’s daily hassles, as well as handle bigger concerns and challenges.

See our feature, Coping with Worries and Building Resilience (live on the platform’s homepage in “Featured Articles,” September 1 to 30) for helpful tips on how to thrive through change, practice positivity, manage worries, raise resilient children, and build your emotional resilience.  Or, log in to the platform any time to access related resources such as:

  • Building Your Resilience with Self-Care
  • Teaching Yourself to be Resilient (podcast)
  • Change & Resilience Toolkit

Remember, you can also contact LifeWorks for confidential support for yourself or a loved one – about any issue or concern, any time.  Our advisors are here for you, 24/7.

Contact LifeWorks toll-free, any time.


Please refer to your LifeWorks wallet card for telephone number and website username and password.

Note that this month’s feature will be live on the homepage from September 1 to 31, 2018.

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