The Next Chapter Book Club Publishes Latest Book

The Next Chapter Book Club has just finished its latest book, Dewey the Library Cat by Vicky Myron and Bret Witter. This was our first non-fiction book. It tells the story of Dewey, from when he was a kitten, and was left one very snowy cold winter night in the drop box of a library in the small town of Spencer. Vicki, the head librarian, finds him. They live together for 21 years with Dewey spending most of his time at the public library. The town of Spencer comes to love Dewey as much as Vicki.

Most of the book club members are cat lovers, and we really liked Dewey’s personality, his antics and his love of all sorts of people from young children to the strangers who came from all over the world to visit him.

We were happy to hear at the end of the book that Vicki got another cat, and named it Page Turner. We hope she is happy and wonder if she will be writing another book. We certainly would read it!

We think the book was well written, touching and a cute story. We rated it as a very good book and we would recommend it to anyone who is passionate about cats, or who likes to read about friendships between cats and their owners. Dewey is a real ham, and this book with make you smile, laugh out loud and cry.

    To celebrate finishing the book we went to Catfe. Catfe is Vancouver’s first and only cat cafe, located on the second floor of the International Village Mall bordering Chinatown and Gastown.  Catfe works with the BC SPCA to provide a foster environment for 8-10 cats until they find their permanent homes. As well it acts as a community gathering space for cat lovers of Vancouver in need of some quality kitty time. Catfe has found homes for over 400 cats since opening in December 2015.

At Catfe we met 11 cats, two that had colds and were in a separate room. There was even one cat with three legs. Each cat has its own unique name, like Owl, Marmalade, Chia, Patience and Morris. Their profiles are posted so everyone can read each of the cat’s stories. On the Thursday evening we were there one cat was adopted, and we met the family Morris was going home to. He was joining 3 other cats at his new home!  

We really enjoyed meeting all the cats, and would have liked to take them home with us – but no such luck. Catfe is great place to visit, has lots of cat-themed gifts and a coffee shop to enjoy.

The book “Dewey” is readily available in local libraries, Chapters and Book Warehouse.

Now on to our next book: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.

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