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The Spectrum office will be closed Monday, September 6 for the Labour Day holiday.

Labour Day Canada Clipart Image

The Spectrum office will be closed Thursday, September 30 in honour of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

September 30 is the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Covid-19 Updates – August 26, 2021 – Mask Mandate Returns

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer, especially now that the heat wave has passed and the air quality has improved.  Our thanks to all the staff and caregivers who have helped people to stay cool and safe through the summer, and to get out and spend time safely with family and friends.


We also want to thank everyone who has followed the public health advice to get fully vaccinated against Covid-19.  With case counts again on the rise, vaccination is critical to stopping the spread and preventing serious illness for those who are most at risk.


There have been a number of public health announcements this week:

  1. Proof of Vaccination – starting September 13, proof of vaccination will be required to access some events, services and businesses.  This requirement will apply to everyone, the only exception will be for children under the age of 12.  For more information, please refer the BC Government website:

2.     Mask Mandate – as of today, August 25, masks will once again be mandatory in            indoor public spaces, including:

    1. Shopping centres, coffee shops and retail and grocery stores;
    2. Liquor and drug stores;
    3. Airports, city halls, libraries, community and recreation centres;
    4. Restaurants, pubs and bars (unless seated);
    5. On public transportation, in a taxi or ride-sharing vehicle;
    6. Areas of office buildings where services to the public are provided;
    7. Common areas of sport and fitness centres when not engaged in physical activity;
    8. Common areas of post-secondary institutions and non-profit organizations; and
    9. Inside schools for all K-12 staff, visitors and students in grades 4-12.

People who cannot wear a mask due to physical, behavioural or medical condition are exempt from this requirement.


3.      Step 4 delay – the anticipated timeframe of September 7th to head into the fourth             and final phase of BC’s restart plan will most likely be delayed due to rising case             numbers.  This means the existing guidelines for indoor activities and capacity               limits will remain in place until further notice.  The province’s restart plan is                       posted here:


What does all this mean for Spectrum?

First and foremost, it means we will continue to follow all the safety measures that we have been following to keep the people we support, our staff and caregivers safe.  This includes:

  • Following the guidelines laid out in our Exposure Control Plan, Universal Precautions and Prevention of Communicable Disease policies, which are posted on the Spectrum website;
  • Encouraging everyone to do a daily self-check and ensuring people stay home if they have any symptoms of illness;
  • Maintaining safe distance and using PPE when distancing is not possible;
  • Frequent hand-washing and cleaning of shared surfaces.

It means we will continue to check in with individuals and families to ensure the safe continuity of support for each person.  Over the next few weeks, we will be reviewing support plans and confirming what, if any, adjustments are needed to ensure the safety of individuals and their supporters.

It means we will continue to work closely with our staff and teams to provide up-to-date information and resources so everyone feels safe at work.  If staff have any questions or concerns, please speak to your supervisor or contact HR.  A reminder that any staff returning from a leave of absence or making changes to their work schedule or availability should speak to HR.

While vaccination is not yet mandatory for staff in community living settings as it is in long term care, this could change in the future.  As well, with upcoming proof of vaccination requirement for community activities, staff should get their vaccinations completed or they will be unable to assist people to attend some community activities. Our strong preference would be for all Spectrum employees and caregivers to get vaccinated voluntarily.  If you have questions or if you face barriers to getting vaccinated that we can assist with, please contact HR.

Our top priority, as always, is the health and safety of individuals and their supporters.  The fall season brings increased risk of respiratory illness as people head indoors, and this year with the Covid numbers increasing the risks are that much greater.  Now is the time to prepare.  Let’s all review the safety plans we’ve put in place and take the necessary precautions to keep ourselves and everyone else safe.


Equal Pay BC – Postcards at the Office



Wage Equity Update #36

August 24, 2021


Equal Pay BC – Postcards for the Premier!

In 2019, the government changed a long-standing practice of providing equivalent wage increases to all workers in community social services and providing a bigger increase, called Low Wage Redress, to unionized workers only.  Spectrum has worked with our Provincial federations to raise this issue with the Provincial Government and get equal wages for all community social services workers.

Spectrum is working with a coalition of agencies called Equal Pay BC to coordinate public relations and legal efforts to get government to change this practice.  In November 2020 we filed an unfair labour practice complaint against the Provincial Government with the Labour Relations Board (LRB).  After much legal wrangling, there is a hearing scheduled for September 20, 2021 and we need to ensure the government is paying attention.

We need your assistance with our strategies:

  1. Postcards for the Premier – Real letters coming across a politician’s desk have more impact than emails and social media tweets.  We have printed up 5,000 postcards and delivered them to agencies across the Province.  We want you to put your name and city on a card and drop it in a mailbox (postage already paid!) so that the Premier knows that this is a serious issue his government must address. Cards are available at the office or from your manager.
  2. Meetings with MLA’s – The other way that Ministers and the Premier know that an issue must be addressed is when their MLA’s bring it to their attention.  We have requested meetings with MLA’s across the Province and would welcome your participation in these meetings.  If you would like to meet your local MLA, along with Ernie, then let us know and we’ll include you in meetings that get scheduled.

Staying Safe and Healthy

Please remember the layers of protection that will keep you, your family and our teams safe – stay home if you are sick, get vaccinated, keep your distance, wear a mask, keep your social circle small.

Thank you for your ongoing dedication to the people we support and their families.

Let us know if you have any questions


Covid-19 Updates – August 23, 2021 – Proof of Vaccination to be Required in Certain Settings

Staying Safe and Healthy

If you are not feeling well, stay home. Call 811 for advice on next steps.  If you are a Spectrum employee, call your supervisor and HR and follow their instructions.  You can reach Naomi or Danna by emailing .

=== === === === === === === === === ===

B.C. launches proof of vaccination to stop spread of COVID-19

Starting Sept. 13, 2021, proof of vaccination will be required in B.C. for people attending certain social and recreational settings and events.

This important step will continue to increase the vaccination rate across the province and provide confidence to fully vaccinated people that those around them are also fully vaccinated.

A new order from the provincial health officer will require individuals to provide proof of vaccination to access a broad range of social, recreational, and discretionary events and businesses throughout the province. As of Sept. 13, one dose of vaccine will be required for entry to these settings. By Oct. 24, entry to these settings will require people to be fully vaccinated at least seven days after receiving both doses. To enter certain spaces, including indoor ticketed sporting events, indoor and patio dining in restaurants, fitness centres, casinos and indoor organized events, like conferences and weddings, people aged 12 and older will be required to show their proof of vaccination.

How will proof of vaccination be demonstrated?

  • Individuals will be able to confidentially access their proof of vaccination through a secure website. A weblink will be provided and publicized widely before Sept. 13. To access proof of vaccination an individual will need:
    • name
    • date of birth
    • personal health number (PHN)
  • Individuals will be able to save a copy of their proof of vaccination to their phone to show when entering or using designated businesses and events.
  • A second, secure option will be provided for people who cannot access their proof of vaccination online through a call-in centre (call centre details to be made public in coming days).  We will be watching for this information to assist people who don’t have smartphones.

How to get vaccinated and stay safe from COVID-19

To get the most effective protection against serious cases of COVID-19, you need two doses of vaccine. If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, or it’s time for your second dose (at least 28 days since your first dose), book or visit a drop-in clinic and get protected from COVID-19.

You can register and book an appointment, visit:

Search by community to find a drop-in clinic near you. Clinics are organized by each health authority:

Visit your local health authority website for more information on clinic hours and locations:

Please let us know if you have any questions or need any assistance.


COVID-19 –

“We are Recruiting for new members of the HandyDART Users’ Advisory Committee!

The South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority (TransLink) is accepting applications for the 2022 HandyDART Users’ Advisory Committee (HDUAC) until October 1, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.

The purpose of the HDUAC is for HandyDART customers and their representatives to provide advice and guidance on HandyDART plans, programs and other initiatives, and to advise TransLink on matters to improve HandyDART service for customers. The HDUAC allows TransLink to hear directly from customers and stakeholders and ensure the service meets their needs.

HandyDART customers, or individuals who have direct experience working with them, are eligible to sit on the HDUAC. If you take a collaborative approach to improving the service, we encourage you to apply. Members serve for two-year terms, with the option to extend for a maximum term of four years. Members attend a minimum of four meetings per year, hosted by TransLink. Members are appointed by the TransLink Board.

Please note, that meetings are currently being held virtually, and this may continue for the foreseeable future.

For more information or to apply online, visit the Access Transit page or call 778-375-7665″.

Compass is coming to HandyDART on Oct. 1, 2021

Get ready to enjoy an improved transit experience with Compass Card, the reloadable farecard that works everywhere on transit in Metro Vancouver and soon on HandyDART starting Oct. 1, 2021.

Compass makes it easier to travel on transit with a tap of your card. Enjoy benefits such as AutoLoad for automatic balance top-ups and Balance Protection if your Compass Card is lost or stolen.

For more information and to get started:

  • Visit for detailed instructions or sign up for a training session.
  • Call Compass Customer Service at 604.398.2042.
  • Visit the Compass Customer Service Centreon Beatty St. at Stadium-–Chinatown Station.*

*Elevator and escalator access to and from the SkyTrain platform level will be unavailable due to construction until Fall 2021. The Compass Customer Service Centre is still accessible from Beatty St. For more information, call Customer Information at 604.953.3333.


From a young age, we learn that snacking is a great way to keep hunger at bay before our next meal. As we get older, many of us reach for treats that are high in sugar, sodium, or fat. While these little nibbles here and there throughout the day can be satisfying in the moment, they often provide no real nourishment for our bodies. Instead of attempting to cut out snacking all together (which seems unrealistic and challenging), here are some tips to help you snack more mindfully.

Just you and your snack

It’s common to start munching while you’re watching tv, reading, or scrolling through social media. Rather than being distracted, give your snack your full attention. You’ll likely realize you’re feeling full quicker than if you were multitasking and eat less as a result.

Snack better

An important distinction to make is whether you need a snack or a treat. Try choosing foods that are more filling, satisfying, and nutritious to help fuel your body and help you stay full longer. Greek yogurt, fruit, hardboiled eggs, and veggies with hummus are just some snack examples that will give you more sustainable energy throughout the day.

Look for signs

Each time you have the urge to snack, see if your body is hungry or if you’re responding to a signal from your brain or environment (like stress, boredom, emotions, watching a cooking show, etc.). Try to distract yourself and your mind with another activity – reading, taking a break to switch up what you’re working on, going for a walk, or even doing a quick yoga workout. Listen to your body and see what it needs.



2021 Christmas Card Contest Poster:  ChristmasCardContestSubmit


RISE Community Groups and Workshops

For info or to register:

  • Email
  • Call Collingwood Neighbourhood House at 604-435-0323
  • Or ask a RISE Staff member

Spots are limited.  Registration required.

Please click these links below for further details:

Rise Groups

RISE Spring 2021 Workshops Info


ᐈ Earthquakes stock cliparts, Royalty Free seismic images | download on Depositphotos®

It is a great time to review the contents of emergency medical and earthquake kits in your home. 

Are your water and food rations currently dated? Other items like glow sticks and batteries have expiry dates. It’s a good time to make sure everything is up to date.

Did you use some of the medical supplies during the year?  Now is a great time to order replacement items.  Please note that WCB First Aid Kits are required in all of the homes that are staffed.

Have there been changes in the number of people residing in your home?  Do you need more or less supplies?

Have any of the people you live with changed their diets over the past year? Do you need to change the dietary foods in their earthquake kits?

If you need help with restocking your emergency medical and earthquake supplies please feel free to contact Judy Smith at for assistance.

It is a good time to review all safety procedures in the home; making sure that exit routes are clear of debris, including accessing risk factors (for example, moving items on shelves that could fall and moving heavy items to bottom shelves instead of top shelves). Are all staff are familiar with where emergency care items are stored?  Please review the following information from our policy manual with the staff and individuals you support. Include staff to join on skype or zoom if you cannot meet in person so everyone is familiar with this process.


When you have completed your Earthquake Drill please record this information on Sharevision.


First Aid Work Stock Illustrations – 2,297 First Aid Work Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime

How to Register for First Aid:

We recommend obtaining and/or renewing your First Aid through St. John’s Ambulance with the Emergency First Aid Community Care course. If there is another course offered by a different provider, please contact Human Resources prior to enrolling to determine if it is equivalent and meets the basic requirements.

To obtain/renew through St John’s Ambulance, please call (604) 321-7242

If an employee does not have a valid first aid certificate upon hire, the fee to obtain or renew certification is the responsibility of the employee. Future renewal fees for active employees are covered by Spectrum.

  • If you are renewing your first aid, ask St. John Ambulance to invoice Spectrum Society
  • Let them know Spectrum Society will be paying for your course fee.

*St. John Ambulance may request authorization from Spectrum. Email with the date/location you want to complete the course and we will call them to confirm your registration.

First Aid is a requirement for employment as indicated in ‘Policy 4: Requirements for Employment. Below is a link to Spectrum’s First Aid policy:

For employees renewing their first aid, please ensure St. John’s Ambulance (SJA) includes the CPR pocket mask with your first aid registration. If the CPR pocket mask is not included with your registration fee, SJA requires attendees pay for this on the day of course completion; you can save your receipt and submit it to Human Resources for reimbursement.  

Please email your certificate of course completion to to have your file updated.

Please let Judy know if you have any questions or issues registering, by emailing