Access Requests / Password Resets

We use a number of systems on the internet to help us provide effective and efficient services while protecting the privacy of personal information.  Here are the some steps you can take to get access to your email, Sharevision, Open Future Learning, ComVida and Beanworks software.

Office 365 – Email Password Reset: Follow these instructions to reset your email password.  If you do not have a phone number registered on your account, you will have to request a password reset at this email:


  • Password Reset: The Password Reset feature allows users that have forgotten their password to have it reset automatically by the system without having to contact a ShareVision administrator. Once a user enters an incorrect password three times they will be taken to a page that has “Forgot Password?” link. Once that link is clicked the user will be taken to an online form where they can enter their email address. The system then searches for a user in the user list that has that email address assigned. If found, the user will receive a password reset email containing a link to an online form where they can reset their password.
    More info here.
  • Employee Access to Sites: Managers can write to this email: to get new employees provided with access to specific Sharevision sites.

Open Future Learning – Forgot Password: Your username is your email address.  There is a button to reset your password on the Open Future Learning Log on Page.

ComVida: Scheduling, Payroll and HR

  • Access to Employees: Managers and Schedulers can write to this email: to let HR know that you are scheduling a new employee and need to have access to them, and at which location.
  • Change Your Password: Write to this email: to update your password for ComVida.  There is not a reset option on the ComVida website.

Beanworks (Sage APA): Expense Reimbursement

  • Change / Reset Your Password: On the SageAPA website, there is a password reset button at the bottom:
  • Create an Account to Submit Expenses: Managers can write to
  • to have Accounting create an account for an employee who will be submitting their own expenses for reimbursement.