Health & Safety Committee

Spectrum has a health and safety committee that has front line employees and HR department staff.  Our hope, in all our work, is to ensure the safety of all team members, the people we support and their supporters. The role of the committee is to:

  • Review all workplace reports of injuries and illness
  • Review reports of unsafe working conditions
  • Develop and review safety plans
  • Review training opportunities for committee members and Spectrum teams.
  • Take 8 hours of training relevant to Health & Safety each year.

Contact the Health and Safety Committee:

Report an injury:

Report a Health or Safety Concern: 

WorkSafeBC has a Guide on how to operate a Health & Safety Committee.

There are regular posts on our website with a Health & Safety focus.

Current Health & Safety committee members are:
Naomi Holmes, Rachel Suri, Minh Hang, Jeriah Newman, Ruth Villarma, Flor Daroy, Kara Keams and Chantel Foden.

If you are interested in participating in the Health & Safety Committee, watch for the annual call for nominations, or contact Human Resources at and volunteer!