Strategic Plan 2021 – Goal 5 – Expand and Maintain our Community Partnerships

Spectrum’s new strategic plan provides us with direction for the next three years and identifies our priorities for training and support.  Each week for the next five weeks we will review one of the goals of the strategic plan. For each of these goals, we will set yearly action plans and review our progress at the end of the year.  You can see more information  for Goal 1- Active Engagement in Community, Goal 2 – Strengthening Social Connections,  Goal 3 – Ensuring a Sustainable Future for Spectrum and Goal 4 – Aligned with Accessible to Diverse Communities on these posts.

Goal 5 - Spectrum will expand and maintain our community partnerships

Just as the people we support are strengthened by their networks and connection, so too is our organization. Spectrum will build its network of community partners to promote continuous learning, collaboration and innovation.

Spectrum will embark on a process of discovery to examine its current and prospective partnerships. We will also look to guide, mentor and connect Spectrum leaders to meaningful partnership opportunities.

You can check out our list of partnerships here on our website.

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